Friday, June 17, 2022

On Sale- June 21st through June 28th- Pacific Cove Legacy Series


Time of Haunted Beginnings- Book 1 in the Pacific Cove Legacy Series on sale for 99c. 

Christian Contemporary/Mystery/Romance

The Sanders Legacy begins. Soon after their wedding, Jason & Naomi move to the Pacific Cove Ranch. Naomi, giving up the city life she is accustomed to and trying to come to grips with the death of her sister, finds herself isolated and depressed. Is her grief causing her to see things or is there some entity attached to the ranch house?

 Will she convince her husband and the owner of the ranch that there is a 100-year-old mystery that she desperately wants to solve? Maybe, it’s the only way to regain her sanity.

Time for Second Chances- Book 2 of the Pacific Cove Legacy Series on Sale FREE June 21st through June 25th.

Continuation of the Sanders legacy. In book 2, Jason and Naomi’s son graduates from college and returns to the Pacific Cove Ranch. He continues the legacy by choosing to work and plan his future there. 

Could the young woman, Amanda, crippled by a broken heart, become the woman of his dreams? A series of devastating events happen to the family and their faith and ability to endure and go on is tested to its fullest. 

Can faith, friends and love carry them through, or will the struggles cripple them?

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