Tuesday, December 13, 2016

My Year in Books Read

This is a link to the books I have read in 2016.  I found a lot of favorite authors in the variety of what I read.  I also made over my quota of 50 to read by the end of the year and I'm still reading.  I love to write and have had an addiction to reading since I was a young child.  

Maybe you will find a new favorite also.


Saturday, August 13, 2016

Pacific Cove Short Read Series

I have just completed my Pacific Cove Short Read Series.

Book 1- Pacific Cove-Haunted Visions is due out in the next couple of days.  To be followed by Pacific Cove- Testament of Faith which should be published the first week in September.

Book description for:  Pacific Cove- Haunted Visions

 Naomi & Jason Sanders, move to Pacific Cove Ranch shortly after their wedding. Prior to her graduation from college, Naomi’s younger sister is killed in a hit and run accident.  Naomi is having a hard time accepting her loss, and the isolation of her new surroundings bring a new type of terror; haunted visions that keep her on edge terrifying her.

Is Naomi being tormented by her own inner demons or some new type of ghostly visions that haunt the Pacific Cove Ranch? 

Can she convince her family that she isn’t just grieving for her sister, but that these ghosts are trying to tell her some secret she is supposed to discover?  Will she discover their secrets and prove to her family she isn’t imagining things?

Pacific Cove- Testament of Faith- Book 2

 In  book 2 of the series, Naomi's finally accepts Pacific Cove Ranch as her new home,  comes to grips with her haunted past and pursues her dream of having an art career.  With the addition of their son, Peter, their family is complete. Will Peter find a love as strong as Jason and Naomi?

Naomi learns how important her soul mate is and their ability to pull together in hard times.  She learns to walk by faith and let God bring her to the destiny he has chosen for her. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Zarion-Saving Mankind "Free" - New Cover and Revised Interior

I just finished revising  The Zarion- Saving Mankind and had a new cover done.  The new cover is more of a statement to what the book is about and looks really good. 

This title will be on sale on a "FREE" Kindle promo from April 30th through May 4th.  Even if you have downloaded a previous version, be sure to go and grab your new copy. 



Thursday, March 10, 2016

Poem- The Winter Stage

A poem for Winter- The Winter Stage

Icy mist arises in atmospheric splendor, A bleak horizon sets the Winter stage.
The river now hardened by the Winter's chill,
Replaces once more its emanation.

Frozen water droplets suspended in time hang from trees heavy laden with snow,
Forgotten; awaiting the new rebirthing.
For Spring; the time of growth, of harmony with nature,
To cleanse away the collection of nature's spoils.

The curtain falls as night descends upon the barren landscape,
Bringing once more its cold, brutal winds.
Newly fallen snow laid to rest in gigantic mounds of white,
Cover in ambiguous fascination, the Winter Stage.