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Mrs. Witherspoon Goes to War Blog Tour & Giveaway by Mary Davis



About the Book


Book: Mrs. Witherspoon Goes to War

Author: Mary Davis

Genre: Christian / Historical Fiction / Romance

Release date: February 1, 2022

A WASP Goes Above the Call of Duty to Free Captive American Soldiers

Full of intrigue, adventure, and romance, this new series celebrates the unsung heroes—the heroines of WWII.

Peggy Witherspoon, a widow, mother, and pilot flying for the Women’s Airforce Service in 1944 clashes with her new reporting officer. Army Air Corp Major Howie Berg was injured in combat and is now stationed at Bolling Field in Washington D.C. Most of Peggy’s jobs are safe, predictable, and she can be home each night with her three daughters—until a cargo run to Cuba alerts her to American soldiers being held captive there, despite Cuba being an “ally.” Will Peggy go against orders to help the men—even risk her own life?

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My Review
Mrs. Witherspoon Goes to War is one of the most exciting and fascinating historical reads of the year. I simply couldn't put it down.

I was mesmerized by Peggy Witherspoon and the close band of WASPs that joined together. They are strong, determined, selfless and more courageous than most enlisted soldiers.

The storyline was fast-paced, full of adventure, family relationships, and unknown challenges. As I read through the pages, it kept getting even better. It ran the gamut of my emotions.

If you read one historical novel this year, I suggest it be this one. I just can't say enough about how it touched my heart. You will remember and feel a connection to the story long after you turn the last page. If I could rate it higher than 5 stars, I would. Can't wait to read more of her work.
I received a complimentary copy from the author and voluntarily choose to review it.

About the Author

MARY DAVIS is a bestselling, award-winning author of over thirty titles in both historical and contemporary themes. She has been in numerous compilations and collections. Stories and characters have been running around in her head for as long as she can remember. Her published works have been on Publisher’s Weekly bestselling lists several times. Some of her works include her award-winning Quilting Circle series and Newlywed Games.

An empty-nester, Mary lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband of over thirty-seven years and a black Norwegian Forest cat. She has three adult children and three incredibly adorable grandchildren. She enjoys playing board and card games, rain, and cats. She would enjoy gardening if she didn’t have a black thumb. Her hobbies include quilting, porcelain doll making, sewing, crafts, crocheting, knitting, and papercrafts.


More from Mary


When my agent asked if I had a WWII story idea that might fit in with Barbour’s Heroines of WWII series, I had to tell her I didn’t. At the time, I was writing book 4 in a series set in 1894 and proofing audio chapters for book 3 in that series. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to tackle war, but I told my agent I would think on it and pray. If the Lord wanted me to write a WWII era story, He would give me an idea. So I prayed.

I knew women had done some military flying but didn’t know the details, so I jump into some quick research. I couldn’t take too much time away from my current novel and its rapidly approaching deadline. When an idea started forming with a WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilots), I wrote a brief one-page outline of my rough idea. I knew I couldn’t take too much time away from my other project to write a whole proposal if I was going to be told the publisher already had a story in the series about a WASP, which I assumed they had. Because who wouldn’t want to write about lady pilots?


My idea about a WASP, who flies an unsanctioned secret mission to rescue three US soldiers held captive in Cuba, now needed a title. No sooner had I thought that I needed a title than one—which I thought would be nothing more than a placeholder—popped into my flakey little head: Mrs. Witherspoon Goes To War. Well, now my heroine, at least, had a last name. My critique partners seemed to like this title, so I added it to my outline and sent it off to my agent, then I got right back to work on my novel with the looming deadline.

Since the publishing industry typically moves very slow, I figured I had a good chunk of time before I would find out if I needed to write a full proposal. So back to work on my contracted novel. Surprisingly, the publisher came back immediately with strong interest in the idea and wanted a full proposal in a week. Fortunately, this editor knew my writing, so I didn’t have to include three sample chapters, but my synopsis needed to be strong in details.

So now, I had a full, detailed proposal to write with historical notes ASAP, a novel I needed to finish writing, and audio chapters to listen to and give feedback on. Bouncing between two different eras isn’t easy and to keeping things straight. With God grace, I got the proposal written and submitted, the audio chapters checked, as well as completing my contracted novel, which I managed to turn in on time. Barely.

Since the publisher seemed very interested in my WWII premise and I had book 5 in my Quilting Circle series to get started on soon, I needed to pick up the pace on my writing. With the idea still fresh in my head and the WWII novel would be due first (if contracted), I decided to use NaNoWriMo in November to write a 50,000 word rough draft of Mrs. Witherspoon Goes To War, which would eventually be around 80,000.

As November progressed and my word count grew, I fell more and more in love with my characters in Mrs. Witherspoon Goes To War. I obviously received and signed a contract. I continued to enjoy my characters as I finished writing and editing this novel.

I would have to say that Mrs. Witherspoon Goes To War is in my top five of the books I have written. My prayer is that this story ministers to others as it did to me as I wrote it.

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To celebrate her tour, Mary is giving away the grand prize of a $25 Amazon gift card!!

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Review of Create Your Garden of Eden & Giveaway by Elizabeth Mannette

Do you sometimes wonder why you were born? What really is your Purpose in life? Are you satisfied you are doing what God wants you to do? This book helps you to identify why you are here, what you are uniquely meant to accomplish and then provides a pattern to create an ideal life that is good and pleasing to God.

The system is based on the pattern the Creator used to create the world in Genesis, going from a place of darkness to an amazing world with his masterpiece living in a beautiful Garden of Eden.
Written in an easy-to-read style, with focused questions and exercises to allow you to apply the principles to your personal life, this book will help you find the answers to your quest for purpose. Then it provides a system you can apply to any area life to create the structures necessary for you and your divine purpose to thrive.

The system Liz used for over twenty years is documented in her book. Liz’s goal is to help others, like her younger self, identify and clarify their purpose and chart their unique life to live out that purpose by following the Creator’s pattern in Genesis.  

The structure of the book mirrors Days One to Seven of Creation, with a precursor Day Zero. Each chapter includes questions to prompt the reader to think deeply about the personal application of the concepts to her entire life or a specific area such as career, business, finances, health and fitness, ministry or family. The questions are compiled in a companion Workbook. A Bible Study Guide and a Yearly Planner are also offered. One online course has been created with specific Worksheets which has been helpful to Liz in her years implementing the process.

Chapter Summaries

  1. Day Zero – Pre-Creation Assessment:  Find Your Purpose

Day Zero uses the description of the earth before Creation to outline the preparation and evaluation needed before considering a change. This chapter introduces the end-product or Masterpiece as the Big Why and Mission for the entire creative process. The central notion is that the six days of creation were so organized and deliberate that the Creator must have had the end in mind before starting. And so too should we.

Day One – Creation of Light to Dispel Darkness

Day One reviews the separation of light and darkness into Day and Night. The author highlights the importance of words and speaking, the elimination of unnecessary hindrances, and the establishment of Core Values to ensure what is created is considered “good.”

Day Two – Creation of the Boundary and Utopia

The separation of the waters in the heaven from that in earth is used to establish the broad principle of a utopia to guide the Vision for the Masterpiece toward a heavenly and divine standard.

Day Three – Creation of Land and Plants

This chapter analyses the third day of creation where land, plants and trees emerged; reference to a solid foundation for short, medium and long term goals. And for long term, the author encourages you to look fifteen years and beyond with big goals and aspirations.

Day Four – Creation of Heavenly Lights and Seasons

Day Four guides you to become clear on the seasons of life (or the specific area on which you are focusing) and to prepare for what will likely occur. The outcome from this chapter is a personal dashboard to track progress on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

Day Five - Creation of Fishes and Birds

This chapter considers what is necessary for different levels of performance and best results and encourages the reader to consider alternative environments to remove limitations to growth and progress.

Day Six – Creation of Animal Life

This is the culmination of Creation and is about building variety and diversity into your life, with systems, collaborative teams and elements of community to ensure success of your Masterpiece. The key points of Day Six is you cannot do it alone and you can have a varied life.

Day 7 – The Time of Rest

In the final chapter, you are inspired to maintain a place of inner peace when the Masterpiece is identified and the environment for its growth established. Living from a place of rest is the principle to undergird your entire lifestyle.


It was nice to see a new approach brought to life in Elizabeth Mannette's book. In Create Your Own Garden of Eden, I was amazed at how simple the approach really is, but thought-provoking at the same time. She brought God to the forefront where he should always be.

I loved the 7 days of Creation from Genesis and how the author presented it in an easy day-to-day form, including Biblical scripture. The book shows how we can achieve an abundant life in spite of the everyday stress. It will also allow us to live our purpose-letting God's creation principles help us identify those key areas in our life that are stifling our growth.

I can see this being a book that you will refer to many times on your journey. A valuable read to add to your library. Highly recommended.

I received a complimentary copy from the author and voluntarily choose to review it.


Thursday, February 24, 2022

New Release- "If You Dance with Me" (Sisters Redeemed Book 1) by Jerusha Agen


Can a new love teach her to dance again?

When a tragedy halted Nye Sanders’ rise to the top as an upcoming tango star, she lost much more than her career. Forced to live without everything she loved most, she worked hard to build a new life that’s nothing like the one she left behind. Above all, she’s determined never to hurt again.

As an overworked lawyer, Cullen Chandler is too busy for a relationship. From the moment he meets Nye, his heart begs him to readjust his priorities. But even if he could free himself from the job that controls his life, would Nye’s secrets and the walls around her heart ever let him close?

The more powerfully Cullen and Nye are drawn together, the more insurmountable the divide grows that is keeping them apart. Will they trust God and risk love before they lose each other forever?

A note to readers: If You Dance with Me was previously published as This Dance.


Jerusha Agen imagines danger around every corner, but knows God is there, too. So naturally, she writes suspense infused with the hope of salvation in Jesus Christ.

With a B.A. in English and a background in screenwriting, Jerusha is a speaker, writing instructor, and Fear Warrior who sounds the call to battle against fear in our everyday lives.

Jerusha loves to hang out with her big furry dogs and little furry cats. You’ll often find her sharing irresistibly adorable photos of them in her newsletter and on social media.

Get a free suspense story from Jerusha at and find more of her thrilling, fear-fighting stories at


If You Dance with Me, was different from the other books I've read of Jerusha's, but I grew to love the characters and the Christian message.

Nye, a young woman bearing lots of grief due to a loss, hasn't been able to put the past behind her and move on. She has put up barriers that no one can break through. That is until Cullen comes into her life.

This is a story of loss, heartbreak, and healing- a story of putting the past behind and making new relationships. It speaks of the importance of family and God's plan is displayed beautifully within the pages of the storyline. The characters are relatable and you will come to admire them. I loved Nye's growth in the story due to God's healing in her life. Highly recommended.

I received and ARC from the author and voluntarily choose to review it.

Friday, February 18, 2022

Review of Who Are You Following? Pursuing Jesus in a Media Obsessed World by Sadie Robertson Huff


If influencers have power over us, who are you allowing to influence you? 

In an online world obsessed with follows and likes, it’s important to consider what you’re really searching for. When you follow someone, it’s typically because you want to be like them or live like they do­–but who have you placed as your role models? 

In Who Are You Following? bestselling author and social media personality Sadie Robertson Huff dive deep into exploring who we are allowing to influence our daily thoughts and actions. With an excellent grasp of scriptural truths, using current research, surveys, and personal and biblical stories, Sadie draws on her own experience as a social media influencer and addresses topics such as

  • how to go from being liked to being truly loved
  • our true motives for fame
  • being seen from the outside versus being known
  • comparing ourselves to others
  • questioning why did I post that?!
  • how to respond to cancel culture
  • wondering does God still love me?

This book is perfect for young Christians wondering how they can live a vibrant, bold, and uncompromising life of faith in God by following the Messiah–the ultimate influencer. Discover the love, purpose, and fulfillment that is found only in Jesus.

Purchase the Book


Sadie Robertson Huff is a speaker, New York Times Best-Selling Author, Influencer, and Founder of Live Original.

 Communicating as a sister and friend, Huff is on a mission to use her influence to reach her generation with the message of Christ. 

Huff is the host of the popular podcast WHOA, That’s Good, which reached more than a million unique downloads after only 15 episodes. Her Live Original Blog, features encouraging and transparent messages from Huff and her closest friends. 

She recently launched her exclusive, online community and App, LO Sister, which is designed to cultivate sisterhood through bible studies and workshops. 

You can learn more about Sadie Robertson Huff at or by following her on Instagram @legitsadierob

Amazon Author Profile

My Review

Sadie's book, "Who Are You Following" is an easy read, but not "easy to read." You have to be willing to face things about yourself you may not realize or want to acknowledge. You have to keep an open mind.

The book is uplifting, as Sadie makes the first main point, " You are loved-God loves you-the you HE sees, not your perception of yourself. This book helps you realize, you can be the person God meant for you to be and Sadie puts things in perspective. And yes, it is simple, but does it take work, Yes!

The accompanying journal is a helpful tool filled with a place for in-depth thoughts as you grow in your faith, scriptures to meditate on, encouragement, and is filled with prayers.

If you read any non-fiction biblical-based book this year, make it this one! You will be glad you did. It has a much deeper meaning far above the social media aspect. Highly recommended. I couldn't put it down.

I was provided with a copy from the publisher and willingly choose to review it.

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Song of the Rockies Blog Tour & Giveaway by Angela Breidenbach



About the Book

Book: Song of the Rockies

Author: Angela Breidenbach

Genre: Historical Fiction

Release date: October 1, 2021

1890, Helena MT Song of the Rockies is the story of a sweet music teacher and eleven boys given one chance or else! Evan Russell lost everything—his ranch, his wife, and now, after trusting relatives with his young son, even the little boy is missing. How can a beautiful symphony of the heart come from such chaos?

Mirielle Sheehan, a music teacher at an exclusive boys’ school, believes scholarships for disadvantaged boys will solve the plight of hopeless homeless children. Mirielle’s challenge is to turn eleven street ruffians of various ages into stellar, disciplined boys with a future. Most think guttersnipes like this should be sold into indenture to learn a trade or pressed into the military. Get those miscreants off the streets!

Evan Russell, new mining millionaire, lost everything in the disastrous winter of 1886. Then his wife died leaving him with a son. Relatives in Helena offer a safe home for the child while Evan must find work in the mines. When he returns, he’s devastated to learn the entire family perished in a fire, and his son has never been found. Though he gained a fortune, he’s lost everything he valued! Romantic, sweet adventure set in picturesque Helena, Montana written by a bestselling author who is also a professional genealogist.


Click here to get your copy.

My Review

The story is set in 1890, Helena, Montana. The characters are relatable and well-developed. My favorite is Mirella, a teacher that has a strong concern for the "newsies" or orphans. She fights to get them homes to keep them from becoming indentured or forced to join the military.

The storyline is engaging and will tug at your heart. There are surprises throughout and lots of moments of compassion and sweet tender romance. Inspirational and heart-warming.

The ending wrapped up everything nicely. The only negative is that I wish it hadn't ended so soon. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

I received an a copy from the author and willingly choose to review it.

About the Author

Angela Breidenbach is a professional genealogist, media personality, bestselling author, and screenwriter. She’s also the Christian Authors Network president. Angie lives in Montana with her hubby and Muse, a trained fe-lion, who shakes hands, rolls over, and jumps through a hoop. Surprisingly, Angie can also. Catch her show and podcast, Genealogy Publishing Coach!


More from Angela

Song of the Rockies idea came from the need to continue deepen the experience from Queen of the Rockies to share more about the orphaned children on the streets of Helena MT in the late 1800s. A lot of readers asked a lot of questions that kept me fired up and involved in the story. That led to the full six-book series because I just couldn’t stop once the first book sparked all the curiosity.


The people of Montana are very civic-minded, committed to volunteerism, and helping those who can’t help themselves. And that’s the modern society. But that kind of a “personality” of a place doesn’t come from a void. The people of Montana have a reputation of being intensely independent. But the heart of the people isn’t about independence, that’s just the way we are because life here is spread out and requires a lot of individual effort to survive and thrive. The result of such a spread-out population is the opposite of intense independence—devout and loyal support of one another. So, though Montanans are independent, we’re also fiercely supportive.


An ironic history tidbit I ran into on my research for this series, but couldn’t use, was the famous Thomas Meagher who was originally from Ireland. We have a massive, gorgeous statue of him on his horse in front of the Montana State Capital Building in Helena because of his contributions toward Montana becoming a state. He was educated in Ireland by the Jesuits and then in England. He spent time in France as well. His last name is pronounced like the planet, “Mar”. The irony is that Thomas Meagher escaped from imprisonment in Australia, banished there by the British for crime of sedition. He believed in Irish independence. Thomas was a hero to the Irish independent movement, a Civil War hero who flipped from supporting the Confederate South to the Union when the Catholic Church put their support behind the North, and after a successful military career he moved to Montana. Evidently, he put all those skills to good use as Montana became a state. But he was also a well-known scoundrel whose stories didn’t always add up. 

He met his end in a murky manner, well that’s what they say… Thomas was purportedly drinking and playing cards on a paddle boat up the Missouri River near Fort Benton. Somehow, though he was supposedly a good swimmer, he managed to fall overboard and drowned. Was he drunk? Was he cheating and murdered? Did he run into those he’d flipped on during the war? Was he pushed over? He did have a bad knee… No one knows. His body was never found. Hmm… We have a bar/pub in Missoula called theThe Meagher Bar that serves delicious Irish fare. So, if you visit Montana, please don’t ask for the “Meeger” Bar, not a soul will understand what you’re looking for. But now, you know how to pronounce his name.  

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To celebrate her tour, Angela is giving away the grand prize 20-minute genealogy consultation to a winner via Zoom!!

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