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Legacy of Love Blog Tour & Giveaway by Linda Shenton Matchett



About the Book


BookLegacy of Love

Author: Linda Shenton Matchett

Genre: Historical Fiction

Release date: December 8, 2020

Will their love come at a cost?

Escaping Boston to avoid a marriage of convenience aimed at garnering society’s respect for her family name in the shadow of her father’s war profiteering, Meg Underwood settles in Spruce Hill, Oregon. Despite leaving behind the comforts of wealth, she’s happy. Then the handsome Pinkerton agent, Reuben Jessop, arrives with news that she’s inherited her aunt’s significant estate, and she must return home to claim the bequest. Meg refuses to make the trip. Unwilling to fail at his mission, Reuben gives her until Christmas to prove why she should remain in Spruce Hill and give up the opportunity to become a woman of means. When he seems to want more than friendship, she wonders if her new-found wealth is the basis of his attraction.


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My Review
A sweet story with interesting characters. It's a tale of women who left their home and riches to go somewhere different where they could be themselves. I felt on the part of Meg, that there was a little too much focus on her indecision to go back home to claim her inheritance. It seemed to make the story stall a little, but the male character helped to pull it back together.

There were some moments of intense tension between Meg and Rueben, not knowing how everything would turn out. The ending wrapped everything up nicely and there were some surprises along the way that kept me engaged.

I received a complimentary copy from the author and voluntarily choose to review it.


About the Author

Linda Shenton Matchett writes about ordinary people who did extraordinary things in days gone by. A volunteer docent and archivist for the Wright Museum of WWII, Linda is a former trustee for her local public library. 

She is a native of Baltimore, Maryland, and was born a stone’s throw from Fort McHenry. Linda has lived in historic places all her life and is now located in central New Hampshire where her favorite activities include exploring historic sites and immersing herself in the imaginary worlds created by other authors.


More from Linda

Dear Reader:


Have you ever dreamed of winning the lottery?


Last year, that happened to someone at work. Not millions, but a significant amount of money. As a result, she immediately cut her hours to part-time and began to do things she hadn’t been able to. Her good fortune prompted a lot of conversations among my colleagues about what they would do if they came into a large sum of money.


Those discussions inspired the plotline for Legacy of Love, but instead of winning the lottery, my main character comes into a large inheritance. As a result, everyone treats her differently and weighs in on what she should do. Her friendships are affected, and her life is turned upside down. She was happy before the inheritance, however, the money would allow her to perform acts of kindness. But at what cost?


I hope you enjoy Hannah’s story.



Linda Shenton Matchett

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To celebrate her tour, Linda is giving away the grand prize package of a $50 Visa Gift Card and a signed copy of the book!!

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Purify My Heart: A Dialogue with Jesus by Isabelle Joye

In her own devotional prayer journal, Isabelle Joye records not only Scripture and her prayers to the Lord, but also what she senses Jesus is saying to her in response. The result is a beautiful dialogue, as she allows the words of the Lord, rooted in the Word, to minister to the deepest recesses of her heart, soul, and mind, and purify her to become increasingly holy before him.

Isabelle Joye shares examples of her personal dialogue with Jesus to inspire her readers to establish their own dynamic and interactive relationship with the Lord. At the end of each chapter, readers will discover questions and lined pages where they can journal their personal responses.

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Isabelle Joye came into God’s Kingdom in 1973. In 1980 she was accepted into Bible College, but at that time Jesus led her to 1 John 2:27 informing her that she did not need anyone to teach her that He would teach her through the  Holy Spirit.

Jesus has shown Isabelle visions and dreams since her conversion, typically in relation to her private life and Christian walk.  Mostly to reinforce lessons to be learned.

A little later Isabelle began to write down her prayers to Jesus chatting to Him about all and sundry, primarily whatever came to mind on a particular day. At that time she was unaware that she was writing a book but this became the basis of Purify My Heart.

Isabelle's Website


Purify My Heart was a joy to read and a breath of fresh air in Christian non-fiction books. I loved the easy-to-read dialogue. Isabelle took me on her walk with God and her thought-provoking prose had me thinking about my own walk.

The scriptures included in every chapter added more depth and invoked questions which I felt I needed to ponder over. The author even provided space at the end of the chapter for recording my thoughts.

I know I will be turning back to her book and re-visiting her insightful messages.  Her story warmed my heart and gave me plenty to think about. I feel her book is a blessing to Christians and anyone who is sitting on the fence trying to make a decision about following Christ.  This book will definitely bring a stirring inside of you and you will find yourself compelled to read on until the end.  Highly recommended

I was provided with a complimentary copy and willingly choose to review it. 

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Revived & Renovated Giveaway by Victoria Duerstock and Paige Rien


Have you ever stopped to think about the words we use to describe HOME IMPROVEMENT?

Revived & Renovated is a conversation on well-loved topics between two great friends.

When we long for God's healing, we long to be revived with His spirit.

When we find ourselves on the wrong path, we pray for the Lord to change us, to renovate us according to His will.

When we are restored by grace, we feel refreshed.

Victoria and Paige delight in all the dovetails found among the parallels of the work we do in our homes and our souls. Covering topics of home renovation with corresponding Biblical wisdom and perspectives from their personal walks with God, Revived and Renovated will be an encouragement to young and old alike.

To Order


Being a fan of renovation television shows, this book made a connection in a real way. Victoria and Paige have created an informational and heartwarming book relating their home improvement terms to how God forms our lives into who we are supposed to be.

Each chapter goes into detail with a definition of the term and how it relates to scripture. The writing is easy to understand, light-hearted, and uplifting. The Bible verses in each chapter bring a truer meaning to the theme of each chapter and tie it into our lives.

The message in the book is enlightening and lets us know that maybe we are different, but then maybe we are exactly how God means for us to be. Highly recommended.

I received a complimentary copy from the authors and voluntarily choose to review it.

A multi-passionate creative fueled mostly by coffee, VICTORIA DUERSTOCK relentlessly pursues her dreams. She is the author of the Heart & Home Series and Extraordinary Hospitality for Ordinary Christians. Victoria's mission is to create beauty, cultivate community, and leverage all the resources to impact others and leave a legacy. 

PAIGE RIEN is a wife, mother, author, and designer who believes our homes are sacred places. Paige had a television career on HGTV with the hit show, "Hidden Potential" and is the author of Love the House You're In:40 Ways to Improve Your House & Change Your Life.

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Generation to Generation-Passing on a Legacy of Faith to Our Children by Yael Eckstein

It's my pleasure to introduce Generation to Generation. As I read through the pages, I felt a deeper connection to my Jewish brothers and sisters in Christ.  Their many celebrations and traditions became clear. The values and rituals observed became evident how important it is to instill in our children, the habit of asking questions. 

Faith and courage are two aspects of becoming the type of person God wants us to be and passing the importance of them down to our children. They can then determine what is right and what is only popular within our world.

The book gave me a chance to review those values that have been important to me as a Christian and determine that although the Jewish traditions may be different, we all share the same God.

The workbook is Free on the website and I would suggest you at least take advantage of that resource. It covers everything in the book with suggestions on how to enjoy the material as a family. 


Generation to Generation: Passing on a Legacy of Faith to Our Children

One of the greatest gifts we can pass on to our children and our grandchildren is the legacy of faith. In Judaism, this is known as l’dor v’dor, “from generation to generation,” and expresses how faith is passed down from one generation to the next through the holy observances and traditions that happen within the life of the family.

In Generation to Generation, Yael Eckstein shares the lessons of faith instilled in her by her parents that helped her to persevere following the sudden death of her father, Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, and gave her the hope and courage she needed to follow in his footsteps as President and CEO of The Fellowship.

Generation to Generation unlocks these holy observances and traditions and reveals the key values each one reinforces. These are the values that Yael Eckstein and her husband are now passing on to their four children, and that will allow you to pass on a strong and living faith to your children and grandchildren.

Purchase the Book

 FREE Workbook

Discover how Christians can pass on these lessons of Faith to their children and grandchildren with this companion workbook.   This family-friendly workbook is filled with Bible lessons, activities, and discussion questions for all ages.


Coloring Book

Coloring books for adults are wonderful stress-relievers — and our Holy Land Moments Coloring Book will not just help you relax, but also help you to focus on the beauty and wonder of God’s Creation and His Word.

This coloring book pairs 12 timeless inspirational devotions from Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein with illustrations based on biblical scriptures. So pick up your crayons, markers, or colored pencils to create your own unique masterpiece — and also be encouraged spiritually!

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Dachshund through the snow & Giveaway by Michelle Medlock Adams-Christmas Children's Book

The size of your stature is not the measure of your heart. For one tiny Dachshund, this was a mighty big lesson.

Crosby was teeny. Even for a miniature dachshund. In fact, he was the teeniest dachshund in the whole town. But his small stature and big heart made Crosby one of the best burrowers in all of the North Pole. That’s why he couldn’t wait to enter the North Pole Animal Olympics and burrow his way to a gold medal. Finally old enough to compete, Crosby goes to town to register on Dec. 23, but when he encounters lots of hecklers and bullies who make fun of his small size, Crosby loses his confidence. With his tail tucked between his legs, he burrows as fast and far away from town as he can, running smack dab into a stranded Santa and his divine destiny.

Will this unlikely hero save Christmas?

Four to eight-year-olds will be on the edge of their seats as this holiday picture book page-turner unfolds.

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Michelle Medlock Adams is a best-selling author and an award-winning journalist, earning top honors from the Associated Press, the Society of Professional Journalists, and the Hoosier State Press Association.

Author of over 100 books with more than 4 million books sold, Michelle is also a New York Times Bestselling ghostwriter and has won more than 70 industry awards for her own journalistic endeavors, including the prestigious Golden Scroll for Best Children’s Book in 2020, 2019 and 2018 for “How Much Does God Love You?” “Dinosaur Devotions” and “My First Day of School”. And, over the past three years, she has added several first-place honors from the Christian Market Book Awards, the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards, and the Illumination Book Awards in multiple categories.

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Finding Love in Bridal Veil Oregon Blog Tour & Giveaway by Miralee Ferrell



About the Book


Book: Finding Love in Bridal Veil Oregon

Movie Title: Finding Love in Mountain View

Author: Miralee Ferrell

Book Genre: Historical Romance

Movie Genre: Contemporary Romance (Loosely based on the book)

Release date: March 6, 2015

Against a backdrop of thievery and murder in the historic logging town of Bridal Veil, Oregon, a schoolteacher is torn between the memories of a distant love and the man who could be her future.

Margaret Garvey had promised her heart to Nathaniel Cooper the night he disappeared from town. Four years later, just as she’s giving love a second chance with Andrew, a handsome logger, Nathaniel returns to town and delivers a devastating secret. While grappling with the betrayal of those she trusted most, Margaret risks her reputation and position by harboring two troubled runaways who might be involved in the murder of a local man. And as disaster strikes the town and threatens the welfare of its citizens, Margaret will be faced with the most important choice of her life.

My Review

Bridal Veil, Oregon in 1898, is a lumber community of caring and hard-working people. I enjoyed the main characters very much, especially Margaret who was struggling with the loss of her father and first love. The story is about God's role in your life and how he knows best. Margaret's life takes a strange turn of events when her first love returns home after many years. Lots of suspense, drama and a time of forgiveness make this story a wonderful and uplifting, emotional read which I highly recommend. I received a complimentary copy from the author and voluntarily choose to review it.

About the Movie

Margaret Garvey (30s) is a successful architect whose relationship with her boyfriend has become distant due to their different work schedules. Having not talked with her estranged cousin, Susan, for years, Margaret is told that Susan has died in a car accident, and that she is entrusted by Susan to take care of her children and estate in Mountain View, AR. After her initial reluctance, Margaret decides to give it a try and gradually grows to love her life in Mountain View. While taking care of the children, Margaret gets to reunite with Andrew, an old love of hers, and reawaken their feelings for each other. Now she must decide which is more important to her – continuing with her old life, or honoring her cousin’s wish and make a new life with Andrew in Mountain View.


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About the Author

Miralee Ferrell is a traditionally published, award-winning, best-selling author of 25 books. Her most recent novel, From the Heart, released in October 2020 as an eBook and print as well as airing on The Hallmark Channel. She has two other books releasing as movies, including Finding Love in Bridal Veil, Oregon, a historical romance, which was remade as a contemporary romance for Hallmark, in October or November of 2021. She is the owner and publisher at Mountain Brook Ink, as well as the speculative line, Mountain Brook Fire, a traditional house in business since January 2014. She is also the lead acquisition editor at MBI and loves encouraging debut authors. Miralee lives in the Pacific N.W. with her husband, two black cats, sixteen chickens, and one very spoiled little dog.


More from Miralee

I thought it might be fun and interesting for readers to learn how this journey toward having a book made into a movie came into being—as well as to see how much God had a hand in it all.

In the spring of 2015, I received a phone call from a Hollywood producer. Imagine my surprise when she asked if I’d be willing to write a book for them. They were no longer producing the Love Finds You books into movies and were working on a different project for UP TV, a possible three-movie series, and she hoped I might be able to work with them. Of the thirty-five or so titles she’d read of the line, Finding Love in Sundance, Wyoming, was her favorite (retitled and re-released as Outlaw Angel). However, most channels didn’t want historical or old west movies, so she shelved it for then.

I’d gotten my rights returned to all of my LFY books and had retitled them Finding Love in Last Chance, California, Finding Love in Tombstone, Arizona, and Finding Love in Bridal Veil, Oregon. Finding Love in Sundance, Wyoming, became Outlaw Angel, and all four are still in print.

Here’s the amazing part. I came very, very close to turning down that contract with Summerside for Sundance. They sold the line to Guideposts, and that company didn’t continue the line much longer. Understandably, sales waned on their final releases. For a long time, I wished I hadn’t taken the contract and instead held out for one with another company for a three-book series. However, had I done that, I doubt Runaway Romance or the sequel, Follow Your Heart would ever have been written. It was Sundance that grabbed Chevonne’s attention and caused her to contact me.

It took several tries of sending ideas to UPTV for various storylines before they approved Runaway Romance, then the serious work began. Writing fifteen-page summaries of the book/movie idea, reviewing the script after it was written, and writing the book.

Since then, I’ve gone on to have two more books-to-Hallmark movies, with another one in the works. My newest (and it’s tied to the book being featured in this tour) is Finding Love in Bridal Veil, Oregon, which was renamed Finding Love in Mountain View for the movie.  And is currently airing on the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel. Again, Hallmark wasn’t interested in a historical, so the book was re-invented (with my help) as a contemporary romance. It’s been an exciting, amazing journey and I give God all the glory for bringing it to pass!

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To celebrate her tour, Miralee is giving away the grand prize package of a $50 Amazon gift card and a signed copy of the book!!

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Protecting Annie Blog Tour & Giveaway by Jodie Wolfe


About the Book


Book: Protecting Annie

Author: Jodie Wolfe

Genre: Western Historical Romance

Release date: November 12, 2021

After twenty years living along the trail as a deputy U.S. Marshal, Joshua Walker takes a job as sheriff in Burrton Springs, Kansas so he can be closer to his sister. Only problem is, she no longer requires his protecting.

After the death of her father, Annie McPherson needs a change. She accepts a position as a schoolmarm hoping her past won’t catch up with her. Life is good, except for the pesky lawman who creates confrontations at every turn and continually questions her ability to adjust to life in the west.

When the irritating schoolteacher’s past and present collide, dragging Josh into the turmoil, he has to decide who he’s willing to defend.


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My Review

Meeting in an unusual way, Joshua and Annie have tension between them from the start. They both can't imagine liking each other.

There are lots of humorous moments, as well as, sweet tender unexpected ones. Joshua & Annie both have a secret past that still haunts them. It gets more intense when Annie's past catches up with her.

I loved the Biblical content of the book with Joshua and Annie both struggling with their faith. Everything wrapped up nicely in the end.

I received a complimentary copy from the author and voluntarily choose to review it.

About the Author

Jodie Wolfe creates novels where hope and quirky meet. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW), Faith, Hope & Love Christian Writers, and COMPEL Training. She’s been a semi-finalist and finalist in various writing contests. A former columnist for Home School Enrichment magazine, her articles can be found online at: Crosswalk, Christian Devotions, and Heirloom Audio. When not writing she enjoys spending time with her husband in Pennsylvania, reading, walking, and being a Grammie. Learn more at


More from Jodie

I’ve always been fond of reading mail-order bride books. Not that I would have ever had the courage to do something so brave. 🙂 But it’s fun writing and reading them. I also love perusing historical journal entries of women who decided to marry a complete stranger. Sometimes it worked out great, other times, not so much. In most cases, the heroine traveled across country to arrive in the west to meet her potential groom. Often they had no idea what each other looked like before they met for the first time. Not that looks matter.

At times the woman was given the opportunity to get to know the fella for a while before they actually married. Other times, they tied the knot as soon as the potential wife arrived at their destination. Some women fled desperate situations in the east, hoping for a better outcome only to find themselves embroiled in another bad position. All of the different scenarios I’ve read about helped to prime the pump for Protecting Annie.


In book one of my Burrton Springs Brides series, Taming Julia, I had the heroine’s brother, Josh set Jules (Julia) up as a mail-order bride. As I was writing that story, I knew it would be fun to change things up in book two and have Jules return the favor by ordering a mail-order bride for Josh. That’s the premise for this new story. Josh isn’t exactly thrilled to learn of his sister’s interference in his life and decision to remain single.


I hope you’ll enjoy the story of two unlikely people who are thrown together.

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To celebrate her tour, Jodie is giving away the grand prize of an audio CD of 12 historical novels and novellas. Stories of chivalry, adventure, and romance!!

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