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The Crushing Depths by Dani Pettrey

When an accident claims the life of an oil-rig worker on the first drilling platform off the North Carolina coast, Coast Guard investigators Rissi Dawson and Mason Rogers are sent to take the case. Tensions surrounding the oil rig are high and the death has everyone on edge. Environmental activists are threatening to do whatever it takes to stop the structure from being completed, while rumors are being whispered about ancient curses surrounding this part of the ocean.

Mounting evidence shows the death may not have been an accident at all. Was he killed by one of the activists or, perhaps more frighteningly, a member of his own crew? Rissi and Mason have to sort through not only a plethora of suspects but also their own past and attraction to each other.

Just as the case seems like it'll break open, worse news arrives. A tropical storm has turned their way and soon they're cut off from any rescue--and right where the killer wants them. It's a race to discover his identity before he eliminates the threat they pose.


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The Crushing Depths is a fast-paced, action-packed adventure that takes you on a roller-coaster ride of suspense.

The characters are riveting, quirky, sassy, and relentless in their investigations. I enjoyed the playful banter, and the unpredictable relationships that grew from characters at first that seemed just part of the team. I loved the way the author gave a glimpse into each character's faith in God and how they handled each situation because of it.

The suspense buildup from a shortlist of suspects to a large growing list of possibilities, kept me entertained and guessing. Throw in sabotage aboard an oil drilling platform, an impending storm, and all bets were off.

I literally was on the edge-of-my-seat as one twist after another developed. I was guessing right up to the end. An amazing read and highly recommended.

I received an ARC from the author and voluntarily choose to review it.

Review of "Don't Keep Silent" by Elizabeth Goddard

Elizabeth Goddard, the author of the Uncommon Justice Series, is launching Book 3- "Don't Keep Silent" and publishing today, June 30th.  If you haven't purchased your copy yet, you don't want to miss it!

Investigative reporter Rae Burke will do anything to find her missing sister-in-law, even if it means facing Liam McKade, a man who almost lost his life saving hers. A former DEA agent, Liam thought he could find peace at his Wyoming ranch, but he just doesn't feel at home anywhere anymore. When the reporter who blew his cover on an important investigation inserts herself back into his life, he's less than thrilled. But Rae's keen investigative skills have led her down the right path--and directly into the dragon's mouth--leaving Liam no choice but to protect her. As the danger increases, the past they both tried to flee catches up to them, along with the feelings they once had for each other.

Bestselling and award-winning author Elizabeth Goddard plunges you into a fast-paced, high-stakes story of honor, forgiveness, and justice.



I absolutely couldn't put this book down. Don't Keep Silent is an adrenaline rush of suspense. The twists keep coming and keep you on the edge of your seat.

Rae and Liam's seemingly toxic relationship takes them to a new level when they are thrown back together again in a new dangerous situation. I kept wondering if they could solve the case and come out with their hearts intact. The character's bravery, yet vulnerability is challenged at every turn.

Everything becomes intertwined in their investigation and the past and present collide into a nightmare they could never have anticipated. Highly recommended.

I received an ARC from the author and voluntarily choose to review it.

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Welcome Author, C.J. Lutton

CJ Lutton offers a fresh and exciting take on the Sherlockian canon. A true autodidact with an astonishing range of interests, CJ was an avid fan of Sherlock Holmes and a keen student of the Victorian era. 

As Kirkus Reviews says, "Lutton's speculative addition to Conan Doyle's world is far from elementary." CJ loved to write and has three additional Sherlock stories ready to come out. He also has penned other stories that are being worked on by our publisher, who has thoroughly enjoyed his talent, his work and wants to share it with the public and literary world.

A Tale of Two Authors: CJ Lutton and Me
By Joanna Campbell Slan

In the fall of last year, I was clothes shopping with my fashionista niece, Makenna Hutts, at TJ Maxx. A nice lady checked the number of garments I was going to try on. She and Makenna started talking. The woman's name is Roberta Lutton, and her late husband, CJ, had written a series of books. One had been published by a vanity press. But they didn't do a particularly stellar job, and the others were sitting in a drawer.

Roberta and I had a nice visit about publishing, and my niece bragged about my awards and my success.

Shortly after that, Roberta mailed me a copy of CJ’s published book. I could see many avenues for improvement—and I was agog at his fabulous imagination. After more discussion, Roberta and I decided to work together to realize CJ’s dream, seeing all four of his books published.

We began with Sherlock Holmes and the Father of Lies (Book# 1). When Sherlock Holmes’ brother is kidnapped, Sherlock and his good friend Dr. Watson has no choice but to track down his captor, Dracula, “The Father of Lies.” The chase is incredibly scenic and harrowing, as it takes the reader from the snowy streets of London to the sub-zero woods surrounding Niagara Falls. Theodore Roosevelt even makes a cameo appearance!

In Book #1 of The Confidential Files of Dr. John H. Watson, M.D. presents a macabre and thrilling saga of Dracula and the undead. The "first in the series" book takes readers on a whirlwind of travel and intrigue. You'll travel along with Holmes and Watson as they chase the immortal vampire through London's streets, across the Atlantic Ocean, and all the way to Niagara Falls. The astonishing conclusion takes place deep in another world, a subterranean universe complete with wretched souls clamoring to be set free.

 In Book #2, Sherlock Holmes and the Time Machine, Holmes encounters HG Wells and his friend Albert Einstein. The Time Machine has been stolen, but not before Wells has traveled into the future and brings back proof of the imminent deaths of Holmes and Watson. Can they figure out whodunit for a crime that hasn’t occurred?

Book 2 of the Confidential Files of Sherlock Holmes is a mind-bending page-turner, a literary triumph of logic. You'll follow Holmes's impeccable thought process as he delves into the future--and witnesses his own death. Along the way, bit players such as H. G. Wells and Albert Einstein make cameo appearances that add to the fun!

In Sherlock Holmes and the Nefarious Seafarers (Book #3/ July release), what seems like a simple case for Holmes is actually part of a plot to topple the English throne. To get to the bottom of things, Holmes not only visits the Queen in her bed-chamber, he also meets Jules Verne in the Nautilus, a submarine. Holmes and Watson must dive deep (literally) in a desperate attempt to prevent an attack on the British Fleet. 

The third book in a new series featuring Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.
In this continuation of a new twist to the Sherlock Holmes’ canon, Holmes and Watson reluctantly search for a missing sailor…and stumble on a sinister plan to embarrass and de-throne Queen Victoria. The two friends must work together as never before, in an adventure that takes them under the seas on a wild and harrowing chase to unravel a deadly mystery.
It begins innocently enough when Holmes and Watson respond to a wife’s plea to find her missing husband. The woman evokes Watson’s sympathy, but Holmes sees discrepancies that suggest she’s lying.
Why lie? And why such an elaborate ruse?
She’s told them about ships gone missing, supposedly after meeting a sea monster. Could that be what happened to her beloved spouse? Whilst investigating, Holmes and Watson quickly realize there’s mischief afoot. The highest levels of British government are behind the deaths of entire crews of sailors. But to what end? And how has this been kept this a secret so long?
The Queen has been lost in grief after the death of her much-loved friend, John Brown. Now she’s turned her attention to a new companion, her beloved Munshi, a simple man from India. There are those who would do anything to destroy this friendship and send that man away. But would they go so far as to murder innocent sailors whose only crime is serving the Crown? The answer is…maybe.
Holmes and Watson must rely on their wits, their bravery, and their friendship to accomplish their goal—saving the British fleet and preserving the reputation of Queen Victoria.
If you like historical thrillers with a hint of the supernatural, you’ll love this series. Each book stays true to Sherlock Holmes and his faithful friend, John Watson, whilst featuring a cast of real people and issues pertinent to the times.
This series is perfect for fans of Laurie R. King, Preston Child, and Joanna Penn.

Sherlock Holmes and the Giant Sumatran Rat (Book #4 / August release) begins when three young stowaways are stranded on a tropical island. In a bid to save their own lives, they make a horrifying choice. When they’re unexpectedly rescued and returned to England, that decision might cost them their lives—but first Holmes and Watson must contend with wicked elements of the British government who wants to use the three boys as lethal weapons.

The fourth book in a new series featuring Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, written by a USA Today and Amazon Bestselling Author.
The world was not prepared for this story, a conspiracy hatched in the highest levels of the British government. A rogue Minister of Defense plans to turn soldiers into blood-thirsty animals—and Holmes and Watson may be among their first victims.
The adventure starts when Holmes is warned away from investigating Jack the Ripper’s heinous crimes. Despite Holmes’ well-known skills, he is sidelined. He must content himself with a straightforward case, finding a bolting beau, the result of a simple lovers’ quarrel.
But that “romance gone wrong” is really the key to a nasty secret with tendrils reaching all the way to a Sumatran island. That’s where four castaways made a difficult decision. They turned their backs on a society that sent them packing and allowed themselves to be infected with a deadly virus. After all, they never expected to ever come home again… And they certainly never expected to be considered lethal weapons! Can Holmes and Watson stop them from being used for evil purposes?
This fast-paced adventure will take Holmes and Watson from the dregs of London to its noble heights. The two friends will travel from Bedlam, the hospital for the insane, to stately Windsor Park. Sherlock Holmes and the Giant Sumatran Rat is a fast-paced thrill ride that’s sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats. If you like historical thrillers with a hint of the supernatural, you’ll love this series. Each book stays true to Sherlock Holmes and his faithful friend, John Watson, whilst featuring a cast of real people and issues pertinent to the times.


I’ve written my whole life, producing non-fiction, historical fiction, self-help, and cozy mysteries, but accepting this challenge plunged me headfirst into the world of THRILLERS! Admittedly, although I’ve always enjoyed Sherlock Holmes tales by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, I found them a wee bit dull. CJ Lutton’s rendering is anything but!

The language in the books is clean. There’s no graphic sex or violence. There is a fun touch of history, but not so much that it gets dull. The stories zip right along, and the settings are so real you feel like you’re actually there. All four books are available for purchase or pre-order. To introduce new readers to CJ Lutton, we’ve discounted the price of Sherlock Holmes and the Father of Lies to 99¢ for a short time.

Why not give them a whirl?

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Welcome Author/Publisher Cynthia Hickey

Cynthia Hickey has been making up stories since she was a child. How fortunate that she finally found an outlet for her, uh, fictional tellings.

Multi-published and Amazon and ECPA Best-Selling author Cynthia Hickey has sold over a million copies of her works since 2013. She has taught a Continuing Education class at the 2015 American Christian Fiction Writers conference, several small ACFW chapters and RWA chapters. 

She and her husband run the small press, Winged Publications, which includes some of the CBA's best well-known authors. She travels between Arizona and Arkansas, depending on the time of year with her husband. She has ten grandchildren who keep her busy and tell everyone they know that "Nana is a writer".

Winged Publications – Where your stories take flight!

Winged Publications is an independent ebook and print publisher specializing in inspirational romance and fiction and books that don’t fit the traditional mold. Our 100+ authors are family. We support, uplift, and encourage each other to be the best author we can be. If you’re interested in joining our family, visit one of our imprints.

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"No one does a final suspense scene like Cynthia Hickey!" - Stewart Writing Services.

A rash of burglaries?

What kind of job had she been hired to do?

CJ Turley is excited to begin her new life as overseer of Heavenly Acres, a tiny house community in the Ozark mountains. As she's handed the keys to her new house, by a woman who seems far too eager to leave the job to someone else, CJ is told the community is experiencing a rash of burglaries and she should visit the nearby Park Ranger for help.

Can CJ and her new friends stop a thieving murderer before they lose something far more precious than jewels? Their life!

From first day, to spending time with handsome ranger, Eric Drake, to a cast of quirky characters who are all suspect in CJ's mind, you're bound for a fun, hilarious, romp in this first book of a new small town, cozy mystery series by best-selling and award-winning author.

Fans of Celia Bonaduce’s Tiny House novels and Cindy Bell’s Dune House cozy mystery series will enjoy this tiny house mystery series.

A gunshot pierces the winter day…

A sheriff finds a woman in the woods…
…not a normal day in Copper Pass, Montana
Investigative reporter, Jordan Evans flees Billings, Montana with a stranger hot on her heels. Someone wants her to stop questions. When she meets the town’s handsome sheriff, Wyatt Armstrong, she finds a strong ally, especially when a local girl disappears.

Fearing a sex trafficking ring his hiding in Copper Pass, Jordan and Wyatt hatch a brave, dangerous plot to catch the ring leader.

Will they stop the evil before becoming victim themselves.

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Welcome Christian Author, Marguerite Martin Gray

Besides researching her historical novels, she enjoys studying history and writing fiction. An avid traveler and reader, she teaches Spanish and French. and has degrees in French, Spanish, and Journalism from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, and a MA in English from Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, Texas.

Marguerite is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, Abilene Writers Guild, Daughters of the American Revolution, South Carolina Historical Society, and Preservation Society of Charleston. She currently lives in North Louisiana with her husband. Her two adult children keep her up to date and young.

Follow Marguerite at

Warships in the harbor explode with battle cries for freedom in the hearts of Charles Town’s Patriots.

Charles Town, South Carolina, 1776—With the British warships threatening his family and livelihood, Louis Lestarjette commits to aid Francis Marion, Christopher Gadsden, Silas Deane and other fiery Patriots with secret correspondences in code and in French. Although not convinced that the colonies can succeed in separation from Britain, he abides by his word—available with funds, his time, and if necessary, even his life.

Louis’ potential volatile role leaves Elizabeth Lestarjette uncertain of the future. Add to that her impending confinement, the secret missions her friends embark on, and the ever-encroaching danger into her domestic world, and the cost of independence grows steeper with each passing day. How will her family survive the coming turbulence? How will she survive not being an active part of it? One thing is certain, she must draw to God’s side or lose heart altogether.

Draw Me to Your Side… a prayer whispered against the coming destruction.

The leisurely life Louis has intended does not include revolution.

Charles Town, South Carolina, 1772—Louis Lestarjette arrives from France without purpose or plans beyond reconnecting with family and making a profit. Finding the town questioning its alliances, Louis must make decisions about the direction in his life, even as he tries to avoid all political conflict. He wonders if he will be able to stay neutral in a battle for independence. When decisive events confront him, Louis finds himself torn between staying with the woman he loves or escaping the coming conflicts.

Elizabeth Elliott trusts that God will hold her close in uncertain and changing times. Faced with difficult decisions about her loyalties, she finds comfort in close friends, a devout sister, and her music. When the mysterious Frenchman with no commitment to God or Charles Town enters her life, he challenges her role in the political battle. She must decide what actions she can take for the cause if any at all.

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Welcome Christian Author, Pamela Gossiaux

Hello Readers,

Today I want to welcome Christian Author, Pamela Gossiaux to the Bizwings Blog. 

Pamela Gossiaux the internationally bestselling author of the books Ordinary Girl, Good Enough, Why Is There a Lemon in My Fruit Salad? How to Stay Sweet When Life Turns Sour, and A Kid at Heart: Becoming a Child of Our Heavenly Father, as well as the highly acclaimed inspirational Russo Romantic Mystery series.

Pamela has been writing and working with writers for several decades. She has a dual BA degree from the University of Michigan in Creative Writing and English Language and Literature, and over 20 years of journalism writing experience. She teaches writing workshops and has been the editor for published books in a wide variety of genres, both fiction and non-fiction, including best sellers.
An avid horse enthusiast, she enjoys being outdoors and working in her garden. She also loves chocolate and prefers to curl up with a good book in her downtime. Pamela lives in Michigan with her husband, two sons, and three cats. 

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Healing Faith-Book 2
A Horses and Hearts Inspirational Romance

Faith is believing in something when the outcome seems impossible.

Rachel Walker’s husband left her for another woman, her parents are disappointed in her, and her job as a child psychologist isn’t going well. The only place she feels valued is at Three Hearts Ranch, the equine-assisted therapy center where she volunteers. It’s her safe space from the world.

Until Christopher Adler walks through the barn door.

Chris is the only survivor of the attack that took the lives of the other men in his Humvee in Afghanistan. Several years later, after a string of bad relationships and too much booze, his life changed one cold night when he met God. Now, trying to turn his life around, he seeks help for his PTSD at Three Hearts Ranch. But he wasn’t counting on Rachel Walker—the girl he hurt in high school—to be assigned as his therapist.

Rachel detests Chris, and working together isn’t an option. But then Faith, an abused palomino mare, is brought to the farm. As they try to save her, old feelings resurface. Can their wounds be healed and their hearts restored?

Publishes June 30, 2020

Pre-order Link

Finding Hope-Book 1

An introverted horse-whisperer, a famous equine artist, and the mare who brings them together.

Tori Reynolds has never liked the term “breaking” horses to ride. Instead, she earns their trust and can climb aboard a wild mustang the same day she meets it. Her farm, a historic bed, and breakfast sits along the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan in the small town of St. Ives, and her life as a B&B owner and sought-after horse whisperer is pretty much perfect. Until a visit to New York City changes everything.

Matt Cheval is a handsome, nationally-known artist. When Tori steps into his Manhattan art show, she unexpectedly finds herself and her horse in his paintings. Angry and frightened, she is now faced with the memory of a day she has spent years trying to forget.

Saving Grace- Book 3

When winning is everything, there isn't much room for grace.
For feisty and driven Hannah Whitney, winning is everything. She and her dressage horse Amazing Grace are headed towards the final qualifying competition for the Olympic games when her trainer suddenly quits. With the competition just ten weeks away, Hannah's dad hires Chase Livingston as the new trainer.
Chase is a Gold Medalist in dressage. After an incident in the show ring one day, he loses his nerve and goes into hiding from the media. He’s reluctant to come out just to train the spoiled, rich daughter of a real estate tycoon, but the money is good.
Hannah doesn't want to be seen with him, but if she's going to be ready for the competition, he may be her only hope. What she doesn't count on is how attractive he is...
When faced with the question of what is most important in life, can two people with different answers ever find common ground?

Publishes September 29, 2020

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Review of The Path to Destiny by Christian Author, Emma Easter

Today I would like to introduce you to Emma Easter.  My review is on "The Path to Destiny" book 2 in her Destiny series.  First, a little about the author.

About Emma Easter

Like the characters in her stories, Emma Easter juggles a range of identities.

In the low-income community where she works, Easter is known as a family medicine physician who treats patients of all ages and backgrounds, including those who've been historically under-served by the healthcare system. But it's less known that she's also experienced life on the opposite end of the stethoscope as a cancer patient, now in remission.

College friends see her as an accomplished musician, having studied and mastered five classical instruments--but behind closed doors, she's just as comfortable rocking an air guitar to Creed. And when she isn't giving her heart, soul, and sanity to her three young children she's indulging in her most secret identity of all: meeting new characters, crafting fresh plots, and exploring every corner of her imagination.

Across all these different roles, one cohesive thread has tied everything together: her faith and love of Jesus Christ.

The Sisters of Rosefield is Easter's first series, soon to be followed by a second, The Destiny Series. Both center around themes close to Easter's heart: The importance of family, the redemption of true love, and the power of faith through harrowing adversity.

Emma Easter loves hearing from her readers. 

You can reach her at http://www.emmaeaster.com

The Path to Destiny


Newlyweds Keith and Rachel are basking in their newfound love, rebuilding their lives and the small town of Destiny. It all seems idyllic except the sorrow over Emily, Rachel’s absent infant daughter who has been separated from her mother by an obsessive father. Rachel’s first husband Mike Caldwell is a town elder of a small polygamist community, Fallow Creek where Emily is being kept and where Rachel had lived. Having Emily, escaping Fallow Creek, and discovering herself in Destiny led Rachel to Keith.

With a closer connection to God than she has ever felt before Rachel receives a calling, by the Lord to go with Keith to Fallow Creek and to bring the word of God there… a light in the darkness. Rachel felt the Lord speak to her, telling her to forgive those who had wronged her and to follow his plan.

My Review

Keith and Rachel is rebuilding the town of Destiny with funds from her brother and other donations. They are ready to file a custody suit for her daughter at Fallow Creek when Rachel gets a message from God not to go ahead with their plans.

Keith and Rachel pray and Keith gets a word from God but it’s not what he wanted to hear.  They are to return to Fallow Creek and be a light to the people there.  How? When Rachel was sent away and Keith has a congregation to care for in Destiny.

This book is an inspiration to following God’s word even when it seems impossible. To trust that if He calls, He will deliver and make a way for you to follow his plan.

Keith and Rachel takes a leap of faith. What they find is much worse than they can imagine, but not without its silver lining.

In case you haven't read book 1 in the series.

Twenty-five-year-old Rachel, nearing the end of her pregnancy, makes an urgent dash to flee her polygamist husband Mike Caldwell and his embittered first spouse Olivia. Pregnant with her first child, a product of her troubled forced spiritual union with Mike, Rachel knows if she doesn’t escape her unholy relationship both her and her child will never be free.
She has been unable to accept this way of life and feels it is not right for her to act as a barrier to Mike and Olivia and the sanctity of their marriage. Her escape plan fails, due to Fallow Creek, the polygamy commune she lives in, employing a security detail of young men who guard against escape.
With help from the unmarried pastor Keith Thorn, of nearby town Destiny, they are reminded that with faith, love, and trust in God’s plan they can achieve anything.

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Welcome, Christian Author Crystal Mary Lindsey

Crystal Mary Lindsey is a retired registered nurse with specialties in emergency medicine and mental health. She enjoys sharing her inspirations of walking in faith to inspire and encourage others to live their dreams. She is mother to four Christian adult children and the proud grandmother to ten. Crystal has an English, French, and Italian background.

The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit are instrumental in her stories and receive all of the glory.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Nursing (Australia), Bachelor of Science Nursing (U.S.A.),
Post Graduate Degree - in Mental Health and Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support - in Emergency Medicine.

Crystal also holds a Diploma in Psychology/Counseling and is a Bible College graduate.

AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR (Editors Choice and Readers Favourite Award x2).

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Her Lost Soul
Christian Supernatural Romance

In the country music world of 1925, many surprises await Gracie. Romance, Angel Messengers, and terror locked in a GRAVEYARD vault by her ruthless abductor. What CHILLS next?

Confidently Gracie undertakes to walk from Kentucky to Nashville bent on the MAGIC of becoming a country music star. Yet all is not as easy as she imagines.

Desperate to leave the drudgery of farm life behind, she escapes the day after her eighteenth birthday, unbeknown to her family.

Pastor Ethan Tindale is a handsome single man new to her town and, with his own secretive life, reads into the wild thoughts racing through the beautiful young Gracie’s mind. Can he wisely guide her to attain her dream without the many evil temptations and that he knows to lie in-wait?

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Welcome, Christian Author Caryl McAdoo

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                         (All First Chapters offered here)
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    The Word & the Music http://carylmcadoo.com/blog/
    HeartWings (Devotional) - http://www.HeartWingsBlog.com
    Sweet Americana Sweethearts (Historical) -

                        (Hear Caryl sing her New Songs!)


Free June 23- 27th

Genre: Historical Christian Romance 

Series : Cross Timbers Romances Family Saga, book one  
ALSO: Thanksgiving Books & Blessings Collection One, Book one


The four big girls went to town, haven't talked to Alicia yet, but she and Gabby came back holding hands like they were her mother and me at that age.

Mallory doesn't know whatever’s going on either. I shot her a what-happened look at supper, and she only shrugged. Esther seemed bewildered, too. Hopefully, it isn’t Miss Harrell working some kind of dodge on Alicia.

If that girl comes between Flynn and Alicia, I will not be responsible for my actions.

Thank you, Lord, for levelheaded husbands who keep their wives from doing evil things to young girls. She glanced over at him. He’d rolled away from the light of the lantern.

Oh, how she adored and respected her husband.

Thank you, Lord, for blessing me with the love of this man. I know I didn't do anything to deserve him. She returned to her journal.


The O’Neals, Worleys, Van Zandts, and Harrells each face different crises that unite them around the goal of seeking their own farmland in Texas. As they embark on a journey fraught with dangers, their ups and downs captivate the reader. From shyster land agents to perilous river crossings, lurking wildlife, and overwhelming disappointments, these men and women take on life’s challenges, but also experience its joys, especially in the last chapters. Caryl McAdoo crafts characters that are absolutely believable. “Gone to Texas” leaves one feeling satisfied with a well-crafted, character-driven novel accurate to the times—a book heartily recommended for older teens and adults.

What a delightful story! I love how each journal entry starts with or includes a Bible verse or two. I love how the individual families work together as a unit. I’m really excited about this new series!    -- Cindy Nipper, a reader

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