Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Welcome, Christian Author Crystal Mary Lindsey

Crystal Mary Lindsey is a retired registered nurse with specialties in emergency medicine and mental health. She enjoys sharing her inspirations of walking in faith to inspire and encourage others to live their dreams. She is mother to four Christian adult children and the proud grandmother to ten. Crystal has an English, French, and Italian background.

The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit are instrumental in her stories and receive all of the glory.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Nursing (Australia), Bachelor of Science Nursing (U.S.A.),
Post Graduate Degree - in Mental Health and Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support - in Emergency Medicine.

Crystal also holds a Diploma in Psychology/Counseling and is a Bible College graduate.

AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR (Editors Choice and Readers Favourite Award x2).

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Her Lost Soul
Christian Supernatural Romance

In the country music world of 1925, many surprises await Gracie. Romance, Angel Messengers, and terror locked in a GRAVEYARD vault by her ruthless abductor. What CHILLS next?

Confidently Gracie undertakes to walk from Kentucky to Nashville bent on the MAGIC of becoming a country music star. Yet all is not as easy as she imagines.

Desperate to leave the drudgery of farm life behind, she escapes the day after her eighteenth birthday, unbeknown to her family.

Pastor Ethan Tindale is a handsome single man new to her town and, with his own secretive life, reads into the wild thoughts racing through the beautiful young Gracie’s mind. Can he wisely guide her to attain her dream without the many evil temptations and that he knows to lie in-wait?

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