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Genre: Historical Christian Romance 

Series : Cross Timbers Romances Family Saga, book one  
ALSO: Thanksgiving Books & Blessings Collection One, Book one


The four big girls went to town, haven't talked to Alicia yet, but she and Gabby came back holding hands like they were her mother and me at that age.

Mallory doesn't know whatever’s going on either. I shot her a what-happened look at supper, and she only shrugged. Esther seemed bewildered, too. Hopefully, it isn’t Miss Harrell working some kind of dodge on Alicia.

If that girl comes between Flynn and Alicia, I will not be responsible for my actions.

Thank you, Lord, for levelheaded husbands who keep their wives from doing evil things to young girls. She glanced over at him. He’d rolled away from the light of the lantern.

Oh, how she adored and respected her husband.

Thank you, Lord, for blessing me with the love of this man. I know I didn't do anything to deserve him. She returned to her journal.


The O’Neals, Worleys, Van Zandts, and Harrells each face different crises that unite them around the goal of seeking their own farmland in Texas. As they embark on a journey fraught with dangers, their ups and downs captivate the reader. From shyster land agents to perilous river crossings, lurking wildlife, and overwhelming disappointments, these men and women take on life’s challenges, but also experience its joys, especially in the last chapters. Caryl McAdoo crafts characters that are absolutely believable. “Gone to Texas” leaves one feeling satisfied with a well-crafted, character-driven novel accurate to the times—a book heartily recommended for older teens and adults.

What a delightful story! I love how each journal entry starts with or includes a Bible verse or two. I love how the individual families work together as a unit. I’m really excited about this new series!    -- Cindy Nipper, a reader

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