Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Merry Christmas -FREE Christmas Gifts from Bizwings Blog

             I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has visited my blog during 2020. I appreciate your support. 

             I was fortunate to blog about some awesome books during the year and wish to also thank the authors that scheduled a spotlight on my blog. I am honored.

            I know this has been a trying year for us all and wish all of you a happy and safe Christmas. Remember to focus on your blessing during the year, as I'm sure there are some among all the hardships as well.  God is still with us.  

            I want to give you three of my books FREE as a Christmas gift.  

            You can download the e-book from Amazon during Dec. 23rd to Dec. 27th.  I hope to give you an outlet for enjoyment if even for a short time. I pray that you find inspiration among the pages.

Christian Mystery/Suspense/RomancePigeon Bay is a safe, peaceful town. That is until a woman goes missing.

Samantha and Jonathan Winters arrive for a real estate convention and photoshoot. Will Jonathan’s pictures reveal more than he realizes?

Nina Dupree, a private investigator, and friend of the Chief of Police will lend a hand to help solve the case. Is this victim’s evidence tied to another unsolved event her father was examining?

What secrets are the members of the Belmonte family hiding? Another mansion full of buried mysteries is waiting, but will they remain so?


Christian Inspirational/Mystery/Romance

The Sanders Legacy begins. Soon after their wedding, Jason & Naomi move to the Pacific Cove Ranch. Naomi, giving up the city life she is accustomed to and trying to come to grips with the death of her sister, finds herself isolated and depressed.

Is her grief causing her to see things or is there some entity attached to the ranch house? Will she convince her husband and the owner of the ranch that there is a 100-year old mystery that she desperately wants to solve? Maybe, it’s the only way to regain her sanity.


Christian Inspirational/ Romance

Continuation of the Sanders legacy. In book 2, Jason and Naomi’s son graduates from college and returns to the Pacific Cove Ranch. He continues the legacy by choosing to work and plan his future there. Could the young woman, Amanda, crippled by a broken heart, become the woman of his dreams?

A series of devastating events happen to the family and their faith and ability to endure and go on is tested to their fullest. Can faith, friends, and love carry them through or will the struggles cripple them?


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