Monday, January 24, 2022

She Refused to be the Other Woman by Crystal Mary Lindsey-Limited Time 99c

 She Refused to be The Other Woman

Every wise woman should read this book, and every mother give it to her daughter.

Nurse Erin Thibaut was dedicated to her profession and not considering a relationship when she met then fell in love with her pursuer Dr. James Brennan.
This story will open your eyes to the deception and lies some people exert to manipulate another. Erin is innocently led into a web of falsehood with seduction that almost destroys her sanity. She discovers the doctor who enticed her with a romantic delusion is already married, and she is unwillingly now, his other woman.

What can she do?

Who can she confide in for answers?

Where can she turn for help?

Should the law be involved?

She must escape and hide, but where?

Foreword By
Author, Speaker, Psychologist
Bozena Zawisz BA. MA. P/C
I had the privilege of glimpsing the talent and heart of Sr Crystal Mary Lindsey, and I feel thrilled about her latest masterpiece, "She refused to be The Other Woman."
Domestic violence and abuse continue to be much too familiar in our society, and Sr Crystal's fictional story offers a much-needed warning signal about entering dangerous romantic liaisons. As always, the gift of Sr Crystal Lindsey's writing oozes with romance, suspense, and deep faith with wisdom that springs forth from her rich professional and life experience.


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My Review

The story is one of youth, trust, and betrayal; a lesson more than a few have learned the hard way. Erin is no exception, but how she handles it is what makes her different from most. 

The author has written a story of heartbreak, but also one showing God's love and redemption and how God opens doors when things seem dark and impossible.  God led Erin to people who would understand her plight and not judge her. 

It's a heartwarming and inspirational tale with well-developed characters that you will fall in love with. I'm hoping for a continuation of the story as it ended too soon for me.  Highly recommended.

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  1. I appreciate your review especially as you are a former nurse and an author as well. Thank you so much. (This page is GREAT, so artistic.) x


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