Friday, March 25, 2022

Break Every Chain by Steph Carse- View and Share!


Break Every Chain is a powerful and emotional video.  It reminded me that almost everyone either knows someone who has an addiction or possibly even experienced it with a family member. 

It is heartbreaking to think of how many people are plagued with addictions of many kinds. What comes to mind first is alcohol and drugs.  Many people die every year from drug overdoses. 

What this video instilled in me as the dominant message was, "We are not alone."  There is help out there and a way to overcome addiction once and for all.  Through the love of Jesus Christ. 

My hope is that each one of you that visit my blog will watch the video and share it with those you know.  By spreading the message, we can be helping someone.

The music video leads at the end to a website where people can get access to resources and find the kind of help they may need to have victory over any addiction.

Thanks for viewing. God bless.

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