Tuesday, January 17, 2023

FREE Jan 17th - 21st Interplay Conspiracy Target: Earth


Science Fiction with a Christian Twist
FREE on Amazon  January 17th through January 21st

This book was originally published under the name of The Zarion-Saving Mankind.
I felt that this story needed some additional editing which I have completed. The new cover and title is to better represent the story.


Davis Summerfield thought he was retired and living the good life, that was before he had to accept an offer he wasn’t at liberty to refuse. Interplay, a secret government agency wants him to head up their space exploration/research department. Not cooperating was not in his best interest. Not knowing what his position as head of the department entails, he is surprised when he finds out it includes an exploration mission to outer space.

Davis soon learns there is an infiltrator inside Interplay, which places him in an uncomfortable position. He must find out who it is and report them to his superior, but can he trust them? With contacts from his past life, he begins an investigation of his own which only puts him in danger. What is Interplay’s role? How far will they go to keep their secrets?

Is Earth’s total annihilation going to be the outcome? Davis discovers his true destiny from a Zarion spiritual leader who comes to him, and he must now face the biggest challenge of his life. He must help save mankind. The clock is ticking, and the countdown has begun. Will he be able to convince them to trust him in time or is their survival doomed?


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