Monday, January 30, 2023

What If Jesus Was Never Born DVD & Book by D. James Kennedy & Jerry Newcomb


About the film:

Based on Dr. D. James Kennedy’s best-selling book by the same name, it features scholars and experts who investigate the positive impact Jesus Christ has made upon every area of life, including:

§  the arts

§  modern science

§  education

§  charity

§  the sanctity of human life

§  the elevation of women

§  and many more

Discover just how much Jesus changed the world …

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The Book

One powerful truth is undeniable: if Christ had never been born, nearly every facet of human life would be worse. Discover what the world would have been like without Jesus, and how some of the world’s greatest accomplishments exist only because he lived.  

We live in a cynical age in which only one prejudice is tolerated: anti-Christian bigotry. Yet despite the near constant and attacks against the faith, one powerful truth is undeniable: if Christ had never been born, nearly every aspect of human life would be much more miserable than it is today.

In What if Jesus Had Never Been Born?, discover:

  • Christianity’s impact on the value of human life, helping the poor, and education
  • Christianity’s impact on world history and the founding of America 
  • Christianity’s contribution to civil liberties, science, medicine, and economics
  • Lives changed by Jesus Christ

The author also examines what happens in a world without Christianity, as well as fulfilling the purpose of believers as we move forward.

Arranged topically and presenting compelling, little-known historical facts, What If Jesus Had Never Been Born? clearly demonstrates that an enormous benefits to humankind—from economics to art to government, science to civil liberties, morality to health, and beyond—would never have occurred had Jesus Christ not lived.



This book is a compilation of mounds of research on Jesus' impact on every aspect of our lives.  I enjoyed reading about the many men and women who were inspired by Jesus and also the history of early civilization before his birth, death, and resurrection.

It clearly gives me a clear picture of where our nation is heading, but even more the answers of why?

The accompanying video is of good quality and very well done. It reinforces everything that the book entails and makes it more real.  Highly recommended.

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