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On Preorder at Special Pricing and My Review of A Love Rewritten by Dora Heirs


What is it with this enchanting small town of Butterfly Bend? Is there something in the river that mends wounded hearts and blows the sweet wind of love through the town? So far, Calla Jansing has watched both of her sisters get shot with Cupid's arrows. She's happy for them, really, but she's steering clear of those pesky arrows. She had her one true love, and when her husband passed away from a massive heart attack after ignoring his doctor's warnings about the sustained stress of being a police chief, it just about killed her too.

 She's nowhere near ready to open her heart to love again. But with her sisters' attention elsewhere, she appreciates a friend like Gary Callahan. He's funny and kind, a great dad and grandpa, a believer, and sometimes a shameless flirt. But he's also the town's police chief, so a friend is all he could ever be. 

Police Chief Gary Callahan has a few more good years left in him to protect his beloved city from crime. Over the years on the force, he's caught his share of criminals, but he can't seem to figure out how to capture the romantic attention of the beautiful and vivacious Calla. She seems perfectly happy to keep him firmly tucked in the friend zone. 

What's it going to take to get her to change her mind? For him to retire just as he's reached the pinnacle of his career? Or will the dire situation with his grandson's friend spur her to drop him as a friend altogether? Is Calla's faith strong enough to free her heart to fall in love with another police chief and trust that the Lord will protect Gary in his chosen profession? Will she continue to friend zone Gary or will she allow the Lord to rewrite her story? A Love Rewritten…

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A Love Rewritten is book 3 in the Second Chane Love in Butterfly Bend. This is Calla's second chance story. Calla is one of the triplet sisters. The other two sisters have found their true love. Calla isn't sure about hers, especially when Police Chief, Gary, catches her eye.

The story is full of the issues when you let your past frame your future. It's an inspirational and sweet romance that will keep you smiling. Calla is witty, and her banter with Gary left me chuckling. I loved the ending.

I received a complimentary copy from the author and voluntarily chose to review it. All opinions are my own.


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