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Welcome, Children's Author, Mary Ann Vitale

Mary Ann Vitale is a bilingual, Amazon Best Selling award-winning author of children's books. Her first published book "The Water Lily Fairy" is the winner of the 2013 YATR Literary Awards Best Children's Book.

Her book "The Street Where the Dollar Tree Grew" is the winner of the 2014 LSOR Reviewers Choice Awards. She is married and has three grown children. She loves spending quality time with her grandchildren, teaching them the wonderful traditions learned from her heritage.

Mary Ann never dreamed of writing children's books. The language barrier was a challenge to her writing career. She was born in Sicily. As a young child, she always loved books, even though they were not available.

At a young age, she moved to the U.S.A. She attended Cosmetology School and college. She is fluent in Italian, Sicilian, and English languages. At the age of fifty, she wrote her first story for children. Urged by constant inspiration, she wrote many other stories and poems.

One day, she woke up with the realization "a writer was born!" Mary Ann has always kept in close contact with her inner child. She taps in her Sicilian folklore to entertain and cultivate children and the child in all of us.

Mary Ann realizes the importance of preserving a language and is writing Sicilian proverbs and Sicilian old sayings. Her books are available online by Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, Author House, and worldwide. Mary Ann loves God, her family, gardening, traveling, and art.

                                                Q & A

Tell me about yourself. What got you started writing?

My name is Mary Ann Vitale. I am a children’s book author. I was not planning to write any books. It just happened. At the age of fifty, I was inspired to write my first story for my granddaughter. She was just a baby, and I felt motivated to write something interesting for her. Through the years, many more stories were created by the experiences we shared together.

How did you come up with your book idea? What inspired you?

A red fish on TV caught my attention, while I was playing with my granddaughter. That sparked the idea to write my first story, “Simon, the Red Fish,” which was recently published in the book, “Hidden Treasures in a Book, A Collection of Seven Children’s Tales, Vol.1.”

What was the most difficult part of writing this book? How did you overcome this difficulty?

The most difficult part of writing this story was been creative, trying to figure out what to write about a small fish. Once I wrote it, I read it to my granddaughter to see her reaction. She was attentive. Throughout the years, I acquired better writing skills. When it was time to publish this story, I noticed it was lacking a purpose, a teaching lesson. I completed it by making some slight changes, thus giving a better comprehension to a parent reading this story on the expectations of a young child.   

Who is your favorite character from the novel? What about them makes them your favorite?

My favorite is the starfish. Sometimes, when we lose our way, God sends us angels in disguise, to guide us in the right path. I feel the starfish was the guiding star in the sea.

Do your characters (or message) ever seem to have a life of their own or agenda?

My characters are meant to be a good example to others and a positive influence on a child’s life.  

How has writing this book impacted you personally?

It has taught me the importance of writing stories for children that give good lessons. As grownups, we forget to be more understanding toward children, to stoop ourselves at their level, and in turn, to learn to tolerate their shortcomings.

How many books do you currently have published? What genres?
I have published fifteen fiction books for children.

What is your favorite thing about writing? Your least favorite?

My favorite part of writing is creating a story which will impact the lives of children and spark their imagination, but at the same time, editing and the inability to publish my stories fast enough are my least favorite part of writing.  

What authors in your genre inspire you most?

Cindy Freland. She has written a series of inspiring books for children, similar to my story, “Simon, the Red Fish.”

What would you tell a beginning author who wants to publish but doesn’t believe he/she has enough talent?

I would suggest a beginning author not to fear. We all have trod the same path. Good writing skills develop in time, and they build confidence. You can always rely on other authors for help. We learn together.

Celebrate the beginning of "Hidden Treasures in a Book" collection, featuring seven illustrated short stories for children: Reach for a Star; Catch the Rainbows; A Sparkle from Heaven; Simon, the Red Fish; Tinkle, Tinkle, Little Bell; The Pumpkin Patch; Angels. 

This 37 page book-collection is a wonderful way to introduce some of Mary Ann Vitale's best tales, perfect for reading aloud, curling up, or snuggling on a rocking chair.

Can a fairy make a change in the lives of poor people? Can she listen to their longings and through acts of kindness fulfill their dreams? 

The water lily fairy is curious about the people of Corleone, Sicily. She hides in a pond among water lilies. As she explores the town, she is aware of the poverty of the people. 

The fairy grants their hearts' desires by showering them with random gifts every day.

Have you ever wished to find a dollar tree? What would you do if you found one? A young boy, Lincoln, just happens to discover a dollar tree in an amazing secret garden. Is it a coincidence that strange things begin to happen when he does not share his treasure with others? 

The boy struggles with a wise old woman’s advice and his childish desires. Should he listen to his inner voice or give in to temptations? In the end, Lincoln learns a valuable lesson about giving and receiving in return.

From the proceeds of this book, a donation will be given to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.

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