Sunday, March 14, 2021

My Review of I NEVER KNEW YOU by Patrick Higgins

 Is the God you serve the true God of the Bible? If you profess faith in Christ, this book will challenge you mightily from beginning to end, GUARANTEED! Many are calling it Patrick Higgins’ best book to date and predict it, too, will become an award-winner like his other books.

Charmaine DeShields thought she had it all. A promising career. Good health. A beautiful house. A promising relationship. Most importantly, she was a proud member of the largest and most popular megachurch in all of Seattle—the Blessed and Highly Favored Full Gospel Church.

Everything started changing in her seemingly perfect life after a pastor visiting from China created such an uproar at her church, with messages most members found both mean spirited and judgmentally offensive, that Mark Lau was asked to leave and told never to come back.

It took traveling all the way to Shanghai, China, with her best friend, Meredith Geiger, for Charmaine to discover the many differences between her church, which was opulent in every sense of the word, and Pastor Lau’s church, which was located beneath dry cleaners, of all places.

Even more telling were the messages both pastors preached. Despite that they taught from the very same Book, their messages couldn’t have been anymore polarizing. While Charmaine was instantly intrigued by the whole “underground” experience, Meredith was so traumatized that she cut short what had been the best vacation of her life, to go back to the States.

But not before alarming Charmaine’s boyfriend of the grave danger they faced. Rodney Williams then told lead pastors, Julian and Imogen Martín, who flew 5,700 miles from Seattle to China, to rescue her from the so-called pastor who’d already caused some to leave their megachurch.

Upon arriving, they learned their suspicions were quickly confirmed. Mark Lau had used his subterranean gathering place to radically change Charmaine’s way of thinking. Despite her strongest protests, they flat-out refused to believe that God had used him to transform her life and deepen her faith, to the extent that she finally had eternal assurance.

Tragically for the Martíns, by the time they discovered the prosperity Gospel they’d been preaching was a false one, it would be too late…


From the very beginning, I Never Knew You held my attention. It brought back all the true gospel teaching I remembered from my youth and touched my heart in ways I never imagined. If you only read one book this year, make it this one.

The story was a page-turner for me. Once into it, I couldn't stop reading. All the scriptural references and how they were interpreted by the Chinese pastor as he explained it to Charmaine, stirred my soul. There were parts of the story where I cried along with her and praised God that the author had written it. The message is one the world so desperately needs to hear right now.

I'm a big fan of the author and must say that to me, this is his best work yet. The story is impactful, filled with messages of faith and salvation, and will stay on your mind after you finish the last page. It made me think about my own salvation and walk with Jesus.

The author's descriptions of the suspenseful part of the story kept me on the edge of my seat. A very well-thought-out book that will be a blessing to all that read it.

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