Saturday, March 27, 2021

Review of Mount Hideaway Mysteries (Breaking and Entering) by Vincent Christopher


Book: Mount Hideaway Mysteries (Breaking and Entering)

Author: Vincent Christopher

Book Description:

In a small Virginia town outside a mysterious government facility, four homeschooled teenagers investigate a series of murders and other crimes while wrestling with challenges of faith, family, and the transition from childhood to adulthood.

A tragic explosion devastates the town of Steven’s Mill, Virginia. Was it an accident or was it part of a larger plot to take over the town and shut down the work going on at the secret command center?

This first book in the “Mount Hideaway Mysteries” series of books and movies sets the stage for all the action and adventure to come.

This series features gripping drama and entertainment from a faith-based perspective. Teens and adults in the stories wrestle with tragedy, danger, and relationships while they also pursue their relationships with God.

The books and movies in the Mount Hideaway Mysteries series include...
•    Strong, virtuous female characters
•    Encouraging portrayals of Christians and Homeschoolers
•    Parents who are intelligent and engaged with their children
•    Lots of action, adventure, and mystery!

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My Review

Friends and teenage sleuths investigate a series of murders. The plot thickens and they find themselves in dangerous situations and fall back on their faith in God to see them through.  

I enjoyed the depth of each character as they come to grip with family issues, relationships, and becoming adults. 

The story is based on faith and how each character seeks a relationship with God. There are a lot of suspenseful moments, mystery, and danger to keep the reader engaged. 

As an adult reader, I found the book very enjoyable.  The ending wrapped up everything nicely but set the reader up for the next book in the series. 


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