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As a child, I loved to read.  I looked forward to going to the local library to sign out as many books as I could manage to read in the two-week period allowed.  When I became a Mom, reading before bedtime became a special part of our evening routine as we snuggled on the couch, my son and daughter each selecting a book.  It wasn't just about reading the words on the page, but creating voices for each of the characters in the books and making the books come alive in their hands.  Oohs and aahs and surprises at the turn of each page!

Writing would come many years later.  After my children left home to go on to college and technical school, I continued living and working, in office administration for a real estate company in the town where we lived.   Always, my favorite part of the job was the people I worked for, and the people who I came to meet.

What started my writing was my response to God's call, in 2008, to move to a city, within the interior of British Columbia, from the coast where I had spent most of my life.

After settling in my new home, I started working at my new job,  but then came a downturn in the economy, and I was laid off.  A door opened for another job, then closed several months later.  Everything was going wrong.  I prayed and asked God if He still had a plan for me.

That very April night, in 2010, God woke me up with my first book 'The Story of Henrietta Caterpillar'.  Within two to three hours I had written the story and knew what the illustrations were to look like.  Not knowing anything about publishing, a trip to visit my friends in my former town provided an unexpected open door and a connection for self-publishing.  Then another door opened in my new city to meet an illustrator who, I discovered, had connections with my family.  Was it easy?  No.  It took a step of faith, and I'm so glad that I took that step. 

As a Mom, and now a Nana (Grandma), it is important to me to let my grandchildren know how much God loves them, and that He has a unique and wonderful plan for each and every child.  I was concerned about the 'pressure' children are faced with to grow up too quickly without having an opportunity to fully live and enjoy their childhood years.   So as 'Henrietta' changed from a caterpillar to a butterfly, and moved from the forest to a garden, came the second and third books and new adventures for 'Henrietta' and her friends.

God continued to open doors as I was invited to speak about 'Henrietta' at a gathering. From this, I  met a woman who wanted to buy a book for her granddaughter.  When she said that these books would fit well in a suitcase to go to Africa, her words re-ignited something that God had spoken to my heart many years before  - that one day I would be going on a mission trip to Africa.  I had tucked this away, but now another door opened and I found 'Henrietta' and I on our way to West Africa - not once, but four times. Books are in short supply so I was able to take books to donate to schools, church classes for the children and Hope Homes.  Every time the plane lands in Liberia, I feel like I am 'home'.

The fourth book, 'The Heart of Africa's Garden', was birthed from these trips. 

I love to read, and hear about, books by authors who inspire children to be all they can be, helping them to navigate through their growing years.  Children need to know that they are a treasure and a gift not only to their family but also to their community and to the world.

I was excited to be a co-author on a book project 'Walking in Your Destiny - Moving Through the Fear' in 2015.  Something a little different but a shared opportunity with women from different parts of Canada and the U. S.

I believe everyone has a story to share.  Sometimes the greatest story is when the person takes that first step!

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The Story of Henrietta Caterpillar – Book One

The theme at the heart of this simple but engaging children’s tale is the longing and search for who we truly are and the miracle of transformation. It is an expression of the beauty and uniqueness of each individual life and an inspiration to all children to develop the love, gifts, and talents that God has given to each of them.

Children need to sense how important their presence is, not only in the lives of their parents and grandparents, but also in their friendships, in the community, and the world. At heart, we are all children and need encouragement to become everything God created us to be – but it begins at a very early age. May this book help to start your child or grandchild on his or her life journey. Illustrations by Lyle Doucette.


Walking In Your Destiny – Moving Through Fear

What is the dream, goal, or passion in your life that needs encouragement to take flight? Everyone has a story, gift, or talent waiting to be unfolded in his or her life.

God has created every person’s life with a unique purpose. He has filled that life with gifts and talents to use and share with family, friends, and the local and global community.

One of the key reasons dreams never take flight, goals are put on a shelf or passions become cold is FEAR.

I am so excited to be a co-author of this book along with 16 other amazing women from different cities, provinces, and states each with their own unique story and dreams.

Whether you are young or mature in years, I pray you will be inspired and encouraged by this book, to live your dreams, moving through the fear and walking in your destiny.


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  1. I would highly recommend the Henrietta Caterpillar books. I have bought the complete set for my grandchildren. They are inspiring and teaches them about the goodness of the Lord.


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