Thursday, July 30, 2020

Welcome, Sherri Stewart

Sherri Stewart loves a good suspense novel, sprinkled with romance and a strong message that challenges her faith. She spends her working hours with books—either editing others’ manuscripts or writing her own.

 Her passion is traveling to the settings in her books, which has taken her to Israel, the Netherlands, and Wales in August. 

A recent widow, Sherri lives in the Orlando area with her lazy dog, Lily, and her son, Josh, who can fix anything. She loves to chat with readers about their ideas.

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Miriam cannot make herself go back to the teaching job she loves so much. The high school holds too many memories of her husband, and the staff and students offer too many platitudes. So she does something totally out of character for a homebody like her—she closes her eyes and points at a map, and her finger lands on Newport, Rhode Island. 

Before she can talk herself out of it, Miriam applies for a governess position. Just a temporary job, mind you until she can pull herself together. The Browne family is as needy as she is. The father, Mr. David, is distracted by his own grief, his children are running wild, and there’s that red-headed ball of energy—Maude, the cook, who tries to fix things with the most outlandish results.

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